Dangerous Muse

I've noticed you tell the songs like "Give Me Danger" and "The Rejection", as a story. AWE-SOME. How do you arrange the composition and how do you know if the lyrics work? I'll always support you =D

Dangerous Muse responded on 09/24/2011

Songwriting is storytelling, for sure. Sometimes, beyond the words, the form itself is meant to reflect the situation. For instance, the first verse of Give Me Danger is rearranged to form its second verse to signify the conflicted emotion of the person who discovers he is being cheated on. As he stops for a moment to listen, before opening the door to the bedroom, his thoughts blur and come back together in a different order. "I can't help but hear" is a double-entendre for "you're being loud enough for me to hear" and "I kinda like it even though I shouldn't." I'll let you unpack what happens during the bridge. I take great pains to write lyrics that fit together in complex ways and relate from song to song. Thank you for your support and for discovering connections. It is the greatest compliment anyone could give me.

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